Announcing a New Release & Our Blog

At DigiSpoke, we’ve always focused on creating fun, powerful, and easy-to-use business software. With the launch of our Private Beta, we needed a direct way of keeping everyone informed of our progress. So behold, our blog and our first blog post!

Today we’re announcing a new DigiSpoke release. As a result of all the great feedback that we’ve been receiving, we’ve made the following changes/additions to the application.

  • To create a new task, you’ll need to drag the arrow of an existing task to a blank part of the canvas. This helps users intuitively arrange tasks on the screen and prevent accidental task creation.
  • You can now move the task map by clicking on the background and dragging. This should be a big help to those without a multitouch trackpad.
  • Typing “18m” in an estimate field will now set the estimate to 18 months, not 18 minutes. In fact, this will be the case for any monthly estimate under 30 months. You can still estimate a task to take 15 minutes by typing “15min”, as an example
  • We’ve made several changes to how tasks are laid out on the map. Now, when tasks move out of the way, their child tasks will move with them.
  • We’ve included tons of bug fixes and stability improvements.


Go to to sign in and start taking advantage of all the new features. If you’re still waiting for your account, send us an email and we’ll get one out to you. Finally, and as always, a huge thanks to everyone using our product.  We love having you as a customer and hearing your feedback. It’s what helps make DigiSpoke the best product for you. So don’t be shy. Drop us a line and let us know what you think.