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Print Chart, Drag-to-Select, Updated Plans and More

Whether we’re adding features, value or subscription options, our customers have always been at the center of everything we do. With this in mind, we’re pleased to share that our users have created over half a million tasks in DigiSpoke! We wanted to take a moment to thank you for being on this journey with us and acknowledge that together, we’re well on our way towards making the best possible project management platform.


Today we’re announcing a release that marks a new approach to how we make updates to DigiSpoke. Since our last release, we decided to roll features and modifications out in smaller increments in order to deliver our freshest and most up to date innovations without extended delays. This means that while we’re announcing updates today, many of you have already been enjoying these new features for quite some time. Without further ado, here’s what’s new:


Clearer Subscription Pricing, Plans and Additional Free Features
When we launched a host of new features about two months ago, we rolled out a new, experimental pricing model. During this period, we made it a point to solicit feedback on the new plans, which led us to simplify our pricing even further. Our Basic plan is now $30/month for the same 5 users as before. Our Silver plan is now priced at $70/month for 10 users, which presents a 30% discount from the previous cost. We did this to enable more customers to take advantage of our Team Reporting and Resource Utilization Heat Map features that comes standard with that plan. Our Gold plan is now priced at just $150/month for 25 users, which includes premium support and all the features of our Silver and Basic plans. Our Free tier now includes limited access to reporting as well, so if you’re a one-person show, you’ll now enjoy access to our Resource Utilization Heat Maps as well.


Print or Save the Chart
This was a highly requested feature and we’re pleased to announce that it’s now possible to export your painstakingly arranged project graphs into beautiful images and printouts. Moreover, the new functionality is available to all users at no additional cost. However, it only works in Chrome and Firefox. Due to the complexity of the graphics and lack of complete standards between browsers, Safari and Internet Explorer/Edge have a hard time processing the intricate code needed to make this feature work. Fortunately, the overwhelming majority of you are, in fact, Chrome and Firefox users.


Drag-to-Select and a New Right-Click Menu
It’s now possible to drag a selection area on the chart in order to select a specific set of tasks. This feature is incredibly helpful to those who are meticulous about the placement of their tasks in the greater project and significantly aids in arranging your graphs for maximum clarity. To add a selection, hold down the Shift Key while dragging from one point of the chart’s canvas to another. We’ve also added a drop-down menu that appears when you right-click the canvas. The new menu provides easy access to creating new tasks and a reminder of which keystroke and/or mouse combinations allow this action, as well as, the new Drag-to-Select feature.


Better Zoom Controls and Zoomed-Out Experience
As we learned more about how our users work with DigiSpoke, we realized that many of you like to zoom the chart out as you plan your projects. We added several improvements that will help make this experience much more enjoyable. First of all, your current zoom level is now saved in your local browser. This means that when you close one project and open another, the zoom factor will be maintained. When you come back to DigiSpoke, the zoom factor will stay consistent as well, as long as you’re using the same browser, on the same computer. We’ve also updated the zoom controls, so there’s now a slider that lets you quickly jump to your zoom level of preference. In addition, the slider serves the purpose of displaying how far in or out it’s possible to zoom. When zoomed out, it’s now much easier to arrange tasks. Previously, clicking on a task name would place a cursor into the title field. In some cases, this made it difficult to move tasks around. Now, it’s possible to easily arrange tasks at smaller zoom levels. In these cases, double-clicking a task allows you to rename it.


Better Subtask Organization
Several releases ago we added the ability to collapse subtasks. In fact, for speed and simplicity, all projects load with subtasks collapsed. However, moving the parent task did not necessarily move the collapsed subtasks, leading to potentially odd layouts. This is no longer the case. When your subtasks are collapsed, they’ll now move with the parent. Subtasks imported from Asana will now be placed directly under the parent task as well.


Hundreds of Smaller Features and Updates to Stability and Performance
We don’t typically announce smaller improvements to DigiSpoke because it would take a really long time to read through all the little things that we’ve done since the previous release. However, in this release, just as in previous iterations, there’s no shortage of updates to features, stability and performance of the product. We hope all our hard work results in a product that’s not only a pleasure to use, but is also a novel way to make your teams and personal work more efficient, enjoyable and gratifying. Please enjoy the new updates and take a moment to let us know what you think.

Free Asana Integration, Team Reports, Smart Scheduling and more

Today we’re thrilled to announce our biggest release since the launch of DigiSpoke, consisting of four major updates:


Team Reporting

Smart task scheduling

Free Asana integration

New pricing


First, let’s just get this out of the way: Asana Integration is now free for everyone to enjoy!


Next, we’re launching a new product that will forever change how resource availability is presented with a feature that we call Team Availability Heatmaps.




Team Availability Heatmaps allow you to see past, present and future availability of each team member. The heat map turns red on days that a team member is particularly busy in relation to everyone else. Green indicates relative availability. Want to know why someone is busy? Drill down to see a timeline of tasks assigned to each team member.


In addition, we’ve invented a new schedule prediction algorithm that prevents double-booking by determining assignee availability across all projects. This means that DigiSpoke’s predictions are faster and far more accurate than ever before.


As part of the announcement, we’re introducing a new pricing model that will better reflect the range of products and services available through DigiSpoke. The new plans are:


5 active users per workspace
Project Templates


10 active users per workspace
Team Timelines
Availability Heatmaps
Project Templates


25 active users per workspace
Team Timelines
Availability Heatmaps
Project Templates
Priority Support


We will continue to provide a free plan to users who want to test-drive DigiSpoke’s capabilities or just manage their personal projects. Asana integration is now standard with the free plan. However, to import/update task assignments, users will need to subscribe to a premium plan.


We’re excited to have you give the new features a try and are eager to know what you think!

12 New Major Features Now Available

Today’s release presents the largest improvement of DigiSpoke to date. Over the last three months, we’ve worked extremely closely with our most loyal customers, spoken to hundreds of users and gathered a wealth of data on what a perfect project management product should be. I’m proud to say that your opinions and our effort have resulted in twelve great features that are now available for everyone to use and empower their teams.
Multiple Projects on a Single Screen
Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 11.31.56 PM
It’s now possible to display as many projects on one screen as there are in a workspace. Starting today, clicking on a project in the navigation pane will display it on the task graph within a color shaded area. Clicking the project in the navigation pane again closes it. As you click on more projects in the navigation pane, each will get displayed in its own area with a unique color background. The projects will be stacked one on top of another in the same order as they’re shown in the navigation pane. It’s now also possible to change their order. More on that below. The entire stack of projects will always be centered on the task graph. As your projects grow vertically, the shaded project areas will expand. Double clicking on a project area will create a standalone task in that project. Double-clicking on a non-shaded area will simply center the screen.
Connect Tasks in Different Projects
You can now drag connections from a task in one project to a task in a different project. With both projects shown on the task graph, simply drag a dependency from one task to another. Connections can only be made between tasks. It’s not possible to make a connection between a node representing the start of a project and a task in a different project. Once tasks across projects are connected, if one of the projects is closed, the task in that project is still shown. However, we only show a stub that represents the task to let you know that there are external dependencies related to the currently opened project.
Subtasks on the Graph and Schedule
Visually arrange subtasks
By popular demand, subtasks are now represented directly on the task graph and can be configured, estimated, discussed, assigned and followed like all other tasks. Subtasks will now show up on the schedule as well, with the option to collapse them by clicking the arrow in the left column. Creating new subtasks is easier than ever.  We’ve designed a new drag area on each parent task that can be used to create a many subtasks as you want by dragging on to the task graph. Subtasks are connected to their parents via a dotted line. Multiple subtasks can be linked together with dependencies, much like standard tasks, as long as they below to the same parent task. These dependencies are shown with a similar dotted line, which can be deleted, causing the linked subtasks to turn into a standard subtask.Subtasks in the schedule
Select and Move Multiple Tasks at Once
Move multiple tasks at once
Keeping larger projects organized can be tricky, so we’ve made it a lot easier by adding the ability to select and move multiple tasks. Simply hold down the Control key (Windows) or Command key (Mac) or Shift key (either system) while clicking on tasks to select multiple tasks at once. Then drag one of the tasks in your selection and all selected tasks will move. Presto!
Sortable Projects
It’s possible to change the order of your projects on the task graph. There is now a node on the task graph that represents the project and contains various data related to the project. With more than one project on the graph, simply drag the project node onto a different project area. The order will change appropriately and any connections between the projects will be maintained. The order will also change in the navigation pane in the lower left corner of the screen.
Better Date Predictions and Time Estimation
Time estimates are now more accurately processed and DigiSpoke will now make a more accurate determination of when a task will start, based on your timezone. For example, creating a task on the weekend will result in DigiSpoke predicting a task start for the following work day. Of course, you can always change the start and end dates manually, as before. Manually setting task progress will now result in a much more sophisticated prediction for when the task will end.
DigiSpoke is Much Faster, Including Asana Connectivity
We spent a lot of time optimizing the performance of the application and we think you’ll enjoy the upgraded user experience. Projects now open and close much faster. Tasks refresh in a fraction of the time. We’ve made huge improvements to how we connect with Asana. We no longer check Asana for updates after each change that you make. However, your changes in DigiSpoke continue to make it into Asana in real-time. To sync the latest changes from Asana, we’ve created a new sync button on the project information node. Simply hit this button and the latest data from Asana will get pulled in.
Better Email Notifications
No one likes being bombarded with loads of email. Unfortunately, that used to happen when users would take a series of actions in DigiSpoke. From now on, we aggregate all email notifications resulting from project/task updates so you no longer receive more than one email every 15 minutes. The notification email has been redesigned as well. We think you’ll love it.
Redesigned User Experience
We’ve upgraded the look and feel of DigiSpoke. Nearly every aspect of the application has been optimized, including the sign-in page. All the colors have been refined and optimized for readability and a better overall experience. Just about every action you can take in the product has been tuned for speed, so you can wait less and get more done.
Better Zooming
We’ve included new zoom levels that enable you to see more without hiding valuable information. It’s now possible to zoom out slightly and still see all the estimates and dates associated with a task. Zooming further will hide some information as before, but it’s now possible to zoom out further than ever before. Zoom speed has increased as well, so go ahead and zoom away. You’ll get more done and see more while doing it!
Clickable URLs in Chat
Pasting URLs in the task comments chat window will now automatically turn them into links. That’s it. No frills, but turns out to be pretty important.
Modify Dates in the Schedule
Schedules are made for displaying dates, but now you can modify them as well. A label next to each date will now tell you what type of date is being shown. DigiSpoke distinguishes between predicted dates, manually set dates and actual dates. We update which date we show you based on the status of the task. However, you can always get a complete rundown on dates for any task by opening its details pane (those three dots in the upper-right corder of every task)
We hope you enjoy using the newly upgraded DigiSpoke experience. As always, we have you, our loyal customers and users to thank for all the great ideas, feedback and support. We’d love to hear what you think, so don’t be shy, drop as a line at [email protected] We want to hear from you.
Happy planning!
Mike and the DigiSpoke team

Progress Reporting, Improved Predictions and Notifications

Hi Everyone,


Today we’re announcing new features, including the ability to regulate the progress of tasks. More importantly, progress reports influence timing predictions for all other tasks, as well as, the project as a whole. This means that our prediction algorithm now draws on a new dimension of data to forecast dates and predict your work more accurately than ever.  Here’s how it works:




Users may update the progress report of any task that has yet to be completed. Naturally, once completed, progress is at 100% (or over 100% if the actual duration has surpassed the original estimate). To change the progress report, simply click on the progress prediction bar of any task and slide the control to the desired percentage. This can be done in the schedule below the main task graph on the Projects screen or when viewing the details of any task, whether its on the Projects or Tasks screen.


To update the progress report, simply click on the progress bar and slide the control again. Once a manual progress report is set, DigiSpoke continues to keep track of the predicted progress for the given task. You may revert to DigiSpoke’s prediction at any time by clicking the ‘x’ next to any manually set progress. When a task is completed, the manual progress report is hidden to reveal DigiSpoke’s predicted progress against the original estimate.


Along with manual progress reporting, this latest version of DigiSpoke will now email users who are assigned to initial tasks in a project, once it starts. The email will contain information on the task and notify users that their work can now begin.


In addition, we’ve made a variety of technical and performance improvements to DigiSpoke. Enjoy this latest version! As always, we’d love to hear what you think, so please drop us a line at [email protected].

New Release Allows Resizing Panels, Editing the Schedule and Keyboard Shortcuts

Hey Everyone,

We’ve recently released several highly requested features and I’d love to tell you all about them.


First, you’ll now be able to edit task information directly in the schedule below the graph. In addition, we’ve added several keyboard shortcuts that make adding, deleting, and editing tasks much faster than before. When editing the name of a task, pressing the Enter key will save the name, but pressing Ctrl + Enter (Cmd + Enter on Mac) will save the name of the task and create a new one. The task will show up on the graph as well, so you may arrange it and add dependencies when you’re ready. This is a really handy feature if you need to quickly add a long list of tasks.

Editing the project schedule

For your convenience, the tab and arrow keys have been enabled in the schedule so you can quickly edit the most important parameters of a task with ease and efficiency. You can now delete a task by deleting its name in the schedule and pressing Backspace once more. This will pop up a confirmation dialog that you can now accept with the Enter key. In fact, the Enter key will now allow you to accept all confirmation dialogs across DigiSpoke. As before, pressing Escape will cancel the action.


Another highly requested feature that is now available is the ability to resize the graph, schedule and project navigation panels. You’ll now see a circular control positioned between these panels (see highlighted area in the screenshot below). Dragging the control will resize all panels with a single mouse gesture. Double-clicking the control will reset all panels to their default sizes.

Resize project schedule, navigation and task graph panels

For the first time, all the major features of a release have been included as a direct result of your feedback. We love hearing from you because your suggestions help shape DigiSpoke into the product that we all want. So don’t be shy. Tell us what you think. Your suggestions might just make it into the next release.

Free Trial, Subtasks, Asana Workflow Sharing, and a New Look.

Hi Everyone,

Today we’re announcing the launch of a major new version of DigiSpoke. With a fresh user experience and an abundance of new features, we think you’ll love this update.



So without further ado, here are the Top 5 New Features in DigiSpoke:


1. Subtasks
There’s now a new tab in the task details pane for subtasks. Subtasks work like todo lists for each task. You can assign them, follow them and collaborate within them.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 1.27.36 AM



2. Asana Project Sharing
You can now view and share DigiSpoke projects and workflows with your Asana teammates. When you import Asana workspaces, we will import all users belonging to that workspace. They can then link their own Asana accounts and collaborate on workflows together in DigiSpoke.


3. Free Trial
You can now try DigiSpoke Premium free for 14 days!  So go ahead and sign up for your account now.


4. Updated Look & Feel
We’ve adjusted the brightness & contrast. Then changed just about everything else. You’ll dig our new threads.


5. Project Owners & Descriptions
Each project now gets its own panel on the left side of the Projects screen. You can now set a project owner (amongst managers in your workspace). You can also save a description for your project or just use that space as a scratch pad for meta data and announcements.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 1.43.48 AM



Ready to try it for yourself?  Sign up for your FREE account now.

Improved Zoom, Undo, Speed and Better Asana Integration

Hi Everyone,


Today we’re announcing a new version of DigiSpoke. There are several new features in this release and we think you’re going to love them. We’ve spoken to many of you and as a direct result of your feedback, we’re also rolling out a ton of great improvements.


So here’s what’s new:


Improved Zooming
You can now zoom out farther. As you zoom out, task names stay visible. This allows you to build larger workflows more effectively by keeping more tasks on the screen. Best of all, the zoomed out view reveals longer task names. This feature introduces a whole new way to work with tasks and we think you’ll love it.


Workflow mind-map planning with zoomed tasks


Asana Integration
Asana synching has been vastly improved. A new refresh button appears when you hover over a selected Asana project in the project navigation pane. Clicking it will update the project with fresh data from Asana. Most customers will notice that refreshing data from Asana is much faster.



Asana Integration Sync


We’ve simplified Asana workspace member management. As a subscriber, you can now enable or disable workspace members to fit your subscription level. For improved security, only the user who imported the Asana workspace will have access to it in DigiSpoke.


The new undo feature allows users to undo the arrangement of tasks. For example, if you accidentally hit the auto-arrange button, you can now move tasks back to their original locations with undo. The button appears after you move a task or click auto-arrange and will stay visible for a few seconds.


Create Disconnected Tasks
It’s now much easier to create tasks that don’t have any dependencies or dependents. In other words — orphans. Just double click on the background of the task graph and a new task will appear.


Everything is Faster
Just about everything in DigiSpoke is now faster thanks to several performance improvements. You’ll notice that even larger projects feel snappier and Asana connected projects sync faster.


In addition to these great features, we’ve made tons of smaller improvements to the stability and overall user experience of the application.


We hope you enjoy this new version of DigiSpoke as much as we’ve enjoyed crafting it. We love hearing from our users. If you have any suggestions, drop us a line at [email protected]

Announcing the Public Launch of DigiSpoke

Today we’re proud to announce the public launch of DigiSpoke.

During the Beta period we spoke with hundreds of users and got a ton of great ideas for what you wanted to see in DigiSpoke. We then blended that feedback with some of our ideas to create a product that we believe is insanely great.

If you haven’t yet, create your Free Individual Account and start using DigiSpoke for your personal organization right now.

We really hope you enjoy using DigiSpoke as much as we enjoyed crafting it. Our goal has always been to create a product that enables anyone to become a great project manager with as little friction as possible.  To achieve this, we focused on two core areas that we thought were big gaps in existing products.  First, we created an experience for building and managing workflow that is as natural as writing on a whiteboard.  Second, we developed a technology that analyzes project and team behavior and predicts dates, progress, and outcomes.  How does it work?

We tend to think of projects as being successful when they’re rigidly thought out. But the truth is, almost no project gets executed according to plan.  Eisenhower once said, “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”  That’s our experience as well, as we’re sure is yours.  Today project managers tackle this issue with frequent status checkins and continuous, tediously time consuming updates of schedules.  And the larger the project, the harder it is to see the big picture. No wonder so many projects take a nosedive.

What we needed was a product that would help us make decisions based on what we knew about our projects, at any given time. Think about it, this is what we do naturally when we need to make a quick decision. We focus on the knowns. DigiSpoke focuses by calculating data from a wide range of sources.  Some of this data includes task estimates, dependencies, who’s assigned and what else they’re working on.  What you get is the best possible, up to the minute assessment of all your projects.  The more your team uses DigiSpoke, the better the predictions get.  We love it and think you will too.

Starting today, you can use DigiSpoke as a personal planning aid for as long as you like.  When you’re ready to add team members, create templates, or integrate with other systems like Asana, there’s a plan that’s tailor made for you. We spoke with hundreds of Beta users to make sure of this.

If you were in the Beta program, you can go ahead and sign in with your existing credentials.  You’ll be able to continue using DigiSpoke, but will need to subscribe to a premium plan to assign tasks.

Everyone else can get an account at

Whether you’re planning a product launch, marketing program, IT operation or a school project, we think you’ll love using DigiSpoke.  Tell us about your team and how you use DigiSpoke.  Email us at [email protected], tweet us @DigiSpoke, or drop us a line on