Print Chart, Drag-to-Select, Updated Plans and More

Whether we’re adding features, value or subscription options, our customers have always been at the center of everything we do. With this in mind, we’re pleased to share that our users have created over half a million tasks in DigiSpoke! We wanted to take a moment to thank you for being on this journey with us and acknowledge that together, we’re well on our way towards making the best possible project management platform.


Today we’re announcing a release that marks a new approach to how we make updates to DigiSpoke. Since our last release, we decided to roll features and modifications out in smaller increments in order to deliver our freshest and most up to date innovations without extended delays. This means that while we’re announcing updates today, many of you have already been enjoying these new features for quite some time. Without further ado, here’s what’s new:


Clearer Subscription Pricing, Plans and Additional Free Features
When we launched a host of new features about two months ago, we rolled out a new, experimental pricing model. During this period, we made it a point to solicit feedback on the new plans, which led us to simplify our pricing even further. Our Basic plan is now $30/month for the same 5 users as before. Our Silver plan is now priced at $70/month for 10 users, which presents a 30% discount from the previous cost. We did this to enable more customers to take advantage of our Team Reporting and Resource Utilization Heat Map features that comes standard with that plan. Our Gold plan is now priced at just $150/month for 25 users, which includes premium support and all the features of our Silver and Basic plans. Our Free tier now includes limited access to reporting as well, so if you’re a one-person show, you’ll now enjoy access to our Resource Utilization Heat Maps as well.


Print or Save the Chart
This was a highly requested feature and we’re pleased to announce that it’s now possible to export your painstakingly arranged project graphs into beautiful images and printouts. Moreover, the new functionality is available to all users at no additional cost. However, it only works in Chrome and Firefox. Due to the complexity of the graphics and lack of complete standards between browsers, Safari and Internet Explorer/Edge have a hard time processing the intricate code needed to make this feature work. Fortunately, the overwhelming majority of you are, in fact, Chrome and Firefox users.


Drag-to-Select and a New Right-Click Menu
It’s now possible to drag a selection area on the chart in order to select a specific set of tasks. This feature is incredibly helpful to those who are meticulous about the placement of their tasks in the greater project and significantly aids in arranging your graphs for maximum clarity. To add a selection, hold down the Shift Key while dragging from one point of the chart’s canvas to another. We’ve also added a drop-down menu that appears when you right-click the canvas. The new menu provides easy access to creating new tasks and a reminder of which keystroke and/or mouse combinations allow this action, as well as, the new Drag-to-Select feature.


Better Zoom Controls and Zoomed-Out Experience
As we learned more about how our users work with DigiSpoke, we realized that many of you like to zoom the chart out as you plan your projects. We added several improvements that will help make this experience much more enjoyable. First of all, your current zoom level is now saved in your local browser. This means that when you close one project and open another, the zoom factor will be maintained. When you come back to DigiSpoke, the zoom factor will stay consistent as well, as long as you’re using the same browser, on the same computer. We’ve also updated the zoom controls, so there’s now a slider that lets you quickly jump to your zoom level of preference. In addition, the slider serves the purpose of displaying how far in or out it’s possible to zoom. When zoomed out, it’s now much easier to arrange tasks. Previously, clicking on a task name would place a cursor into the title field. In some cases, this made it difficult to move tasks around. Now, it’s possible to easily arrange tasks at smaller zoom levels. In these cases, double-clicking a task allows you to rename it.


Better Subtask Organization
Several releases ago we added the ability to collapse subtasks. In fact, for speed and simplicity, all projects load with subtasks collapsed. However, moving the parent task did not necessarily move the collapsed subtasks, leading to potentially odd layouts. This is no longer the case. When your subtasks are collapsed, they’ll now move with the parent. Subtasks imported from Asana will now be placed directly under the parent task as well.


Hundreds of Smaller Features and Updates to Stability and Performance
We don’t typically announce smaller improvements to DigiSpoke because it would take a really long time to read through all the little things that we’ve done since the previous release. However, in this release, just as in previous iterations, there’s no shortage of updates to features, stability and performance of the product. We hope all our hard work results in a product that’s not only a pleasure to use, but is also a novel way to make your teams and personal work more efficient, enjoyable and gratifying. Please enjoy the new updates and take a moment to let us know what you think.