Free Asana Integration, Team Reports, Smart Scheduling and more

Today we’re thrilled to announce our biggest release since the launch of DigiSpoke, consisting of four major updates:


Team Reporting

Smart task scheduling

Free Asana integration

New pricing


First, let’s just get this out of the way: Asana Integration is now free for everyone to enjoy!


Next, we’re launching a new product that will forever change how resource availability is presented with a feature that we call Team Availability Heatmaps.




Team Availability Heatmaps allow you to see past, present and future availability of each team member. The heat map turns red on days that a team member is particularly busy in relation to everyone else. Green indicates relative availability. Want to know why someone is busy? Drill down to see a timeline of tasks assigned to each team member.


In addition, we’ve invented a new schedule prediction algorithm that prevents double-booking by determining assignee availability across all projects. This means that DigiSpoke’s predictions are faster and far more accurate than ever before.


As part of the announcement, we’re introducing a new pricing model that will better reflect the range of products and services available through DigiSpoke. The new plans are:


5 active users per workspace
Project Templates


10 active users per workspace
Team Timelines
Availability Heatmaps
Project Templates


25 active users per workspace
Team Timelines
Availability Heatmaps
Project Templates
Priority Support


We will continue to provide a free plan to users who want to test-drive DigiSpoke’s capabilities or just manage their personal projects. Asana integration is now standard with the free plan. However, to import/update task assignments, users will need to subscribe to a premium plan.


We’re excited to have you give the new features a try and are eager to know what you think!