Progress Reporting, Improved Predictions and Notifications

Hi Everyone,


Today we’re announcing new features, including the ability to regulate the progress of tasks. More importantly, progress reports influence timing predictions for all other tasks, as well as, the project as a whole. This means that our prediction algorithm now draws on a new dimension of data to forecast dates and predict your work more accurately than ever.  Here’s how it works:




Users may update the progress report of any task that has yet to be completed. Naturally, once completed, progress is at 100% (or over 100% if the actual duration has surpassed the original estimate). To change the progress report, simply click on the progress prediction bar of any task and slide the control to the desired percentage. This can be done in the schedule below the main task graph on the Projects screen or when viewing the details of any task, whether its on the Projects or Tasks screen.


To update the progress report, simply click on the progress bar and slide the control again. Once a manual progress report is set, DigiSpoke continues to keep track of the predicted progress for the given task. You may revert to DigiSpoke’s prediction at any time by clicking the ‘x’ next to any manually set progress. When a task is completed, the manual progress report is hidden to reveal DigiSpoke’s predicted progress against the original estimate.


Along with manual progress reporting, this latest version of DigiSpoke will now email users who are assigned to initial tasks in a project, once it starts. The email will contain information on the task and notify users that their work can now begin.


In addition, we’ve made a variety of technical and performance improvements to DigiSpoke. Enjoy this latest version! As always, we’d love to hear what you think, so please drop us a line at [email protected].