New Release Allows Resizing Panels, Editing the Schedule and Keyboard Shortcuts

Hey Everyone,

We’ve recently released several highly requested features and I’d love to tell you all about them.


First, you’ll now be able to edit task information directly in the schedule below the graph. In addition, we’ve added several keyboard shortcuts that make adding, deleting, and editing tasks much faster than before. When editing the name of a task, pressing the Enter key will save the name, but pressing Ctrl + Enter (Cmd + Enter on Mac) will save the name of the task and create a new one. The task will show up on the graph as well, so you may arrange it and add dependencies when you’re ready. This is a really handy feature if you need to quickly add a long list of tasks.

Editing the project schedule

For your convenience, the tab and arrow keys have been enabled in the schedule so you can quickly edit the most important parameters of a task with ease and efficiency. You can now delete a task by deleting its name in the schedule and pressing Backspace once more. This will pop up a confirmation dialog that you can now accept with the Enter key. In fact, the Enter key will now allow you to accept all confirmation dialogs across DigiSpoke. As before, pressing Escape will cancel the action.


Another highly requested feature that is now available is the ability to resize the graph, schedule and project navigation panels. You’ll now see a circular control positioned between these panels (see highlighted area in the screenshot below). Dragging the control will resize all panels with a single mouse gesture. Double-clicking the control will reset all panels to their default sizes.

Resize project schedule, navigation and task graph panels

For the first time, all the major features of a release have been included as a direct result of your feedback. We love hearing from you because your suggestions help shape DigiSpoke into the product that we all want. So don’t be shy. Tell us what you think. Your suggestions might just make it into the next release.