Improved Zoom, Undo, Speed and Better Asana Integration

Hi Everyone,


Today we’re announcing a new version of DigiSpoke. There are several new features in this release and we think you’re going to love them. We’ve spoken to many of you and as a direct result of your feedback, we’re also rolling out a ton of great improvements.


So here’s what’s new:


Improved Zooming
You can now zoom out farther. As you zoom out, task names stay visible. This allows you to build larger workflows more effectively by keeping more tasks on the screen. Best of all, the zoomed out view reveals longer task names. This feature introduces a whole new way to work with tasks and we think you’ll love it.


Workflow mind-map planning with zoomed tasks


Asana Integration
Asana synching has been vastly improved. A new refresh button appears when you hover over a selected Asana project in the project navigation pane. Clicking it will update the project with fresh data from Asana. Most customers will notice that refreshing data from Asana is much faster.



Asana Integration Sync


We’ve simplified Asana workspace member management. As a subscriber, you can now enable or disable workspace members to fit your subscription level. For improved security, only the user who imported the Asana workspace will have access to it in DigiSpoke.


The new undo feature allows users to undo the arrangement of tasks. For example, if you accidentally hit the auto-arrange button, you can now move tasks back to their original locations with undo. The button appears after you move a task or click auto-arrange and will stay visible for a few seconds.


Create Disconnected Tasks
It’s now much easier to create tasks that don’t have any dependencies or dependents. In other words — orphans. Just double click on the background of the task graph and a new task will appear.


Everything is Faster
Just about everything in DigiSpoke is now faster thanks to several performance improvements. You’ll notice that even larger projects feel snappier and Asana connected projects sync faster.


In addition to these great features, we’ve made tons of smaller improvements to the stability and overall user experience of the application.


We hope you enjoy this new version of DigiSpoke as much as we’ve enjoyed crafting it. We love hearing from our users. If you have any suggestions, drop us a line at [email protected]