Announcing the Public Launch of DigiSpoke

Today we’re proud to announce the public launch of DigiSpoke.

During the Beta period we spoke with hundreds of users and got a ton of great ideas for what you wanted to see in DigiSpoke. We then blended that feedback with some of our ideas to create a product that we believe is insanely great.

If you haven’t yet, create your Free Individual Account and start using DigiSpoke for your personal organization right now.

We really hope you enjoy using DigiSpoke as much as we enjoyed crafting it. Our goal has always been to create a product that enables anyone to become a great project manager with as little friction as possible.  To achieve this, we focused on two core areas that we thought were big gaps in existing products.  First, we created an experience for building and managing workflow that is as natural as writing on a whiteboard.  Second, we developed a technology that analyzes project and team behavior and predicts dates, progress, and outcomes.  How does it work?

We tend to think of projects as being successful when they’re rigidly thought out. But the truth is, almost no project gets executed according to plan.  Eisenhower once said, “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”  That’s our experience as well, as we’re sure is yours.  Today project managers tackle this issue with frequent status checkins and continuous, tediously time consuming updates of schedules.  And the larger the project, the harder it is to see the big picture. No wonder so many projects take a nosedive.

What we needed was a product that would help us make decisions based on what we knew about our projects, at any given time. Think about it, this is what we do naturally when we need to make a quick decision. We focus on the knowns. DigiSpoke focuses by calculating data from a wide range of sources.  Some of this data includes task estimates, dependencies, who’s assigned and what else they’re working on.  What you get is the best possible, up to the minute assessment of all your projects.  The more your team uses DigiSpoke, the better the predictions get.  We love it and think you will too.

Starting today, you can use DigiSpoke as a personal planning aid for as long as you like.  When you’re ready to add team members, create templates, or integrate with other systems like Asana, there’s a plan that’s tailor made for you. We spoke with hundreds of Beta users to make sure of this.

If you were in the Beta program, you can go ahead and sign in with your existing credentials.  You’ll be able to continue using DigiSpoke, but will need to subscribe to a premium plan to assign tasks.

Everyone else can get an account at

Whether you’re planning a product launch, marketing program, IT operation or a school project, we think you’ll love using DigiSpoke.  Tell us about your team and how you use DigiSpoke.  Email us at [email protected], tweet us @DigiSpoke, or drop us a line on