A New Release That Shows You What’s on Your Plate

We’ve been hard at work listening to your feedback and building great features that will help you get the most out of DigiSpoke.

First, we’ve improved our email notifications to provide you with a snapshot of what to expect during your upcoming day. Each user will continue to receive one daily summary email, but this email will now also include:

Statuses of In-Progress Tasks
For every task assigned to you and In Progress, you will receive a notification informing you how far along you should be when your day begins.

Upcoming Completions
You will be informed of all tasks assigned to you and currently In Progress that are scheduled to be completed on that day.

Upcoming Tasks
You will be notified if DigiSpoke determines that a task assigned to you must begin on an upcoming day. This will give each team member an opportunity to plan their day accordingly.

Overdue Tasks
You will be notified if any task assigned to you and currently In Progress is overdue. This will enable you to address the issue.

A commonly requested feature is to quickly determine project progress from a time perspective. We’ve listened to you! Now, once all tasks in a project have been estimated, you’ll see a progress bar in the project status node showing how much time has been spent on the project in relation to the total time expected to be spent on it. We expect to continue to evolve this feature, but in the meantime, think of it as “burndown made easy”.

In addition, we’ve fixed various bugs across the application.

Many thanks to our amazing Private Beta participants! Your creative ideas have been an immense help as we march towards a full release. Keep the feedback coming!