Integrated Banking Hub

Revolutionize banking operations with our Integration Banking Hub—an innovative abstraction layer designed to unify and streamline disparate payment capabilities within banks. This solution empowers banks to seamlessly offer advanced digital banking services to customers, with the ability to easily add, update, or modify key payment providers without disrupting business or customer experience layers.

Core Hub Banking

Upgrade legacy banking infrastructure with the Core Banking Hub and seamlessly transition to a more agile, API-ready core banking platform to better serve customers. Our offering facilitates easy integration with existing core banking platforms, enabling banks to enhance digital capabilities while following industry standards like ISO20022 messaging. The Core Banking Hub can be leveraged to move to an entirely new core banking platform or support dual-core capabilities while keeping the main core in sync.

Banker Assist

Elevate productivity and effectiveness with Banker Assist, a tailor-made tool to help manage critical customer relationships in your commercial portfolio. Our solution seamlessly integrates with existing CRM and customer profile systems, providing a comprehensive view into company profiles, recent transactions, and utilized products. Banker Assist acts as a knowledge center to ensure bankers are armed with the industry insights and market research they need to be effective. 

Embedded Finance for Payments Across Borders (Coming Soon!)

Offer embedded finance solutions that transcend borders. Our Embedded Finance offering will allow banking customers to use supported payment capabilities, while avoiding transaction fees, interchange, and Foreign transaction fees. Coming soon as a white-labeled solution, banks can effortlessly offer this service to their customers and ensure hassle-free, cost-effective transactions worldwide.

Renter/Tenant Management System (Coming Soon!)

Support customers with an all-in-one solution for tenant management. Coming soon, our offering will provide banks with the capabilities to facilitate property management for customers in this growing segment. 


Adopt a new framework to adapt to the future of banking—an era of simplicity and efficiency. Our patent-pending framework provides consumers with a superb customer experience and fewer accounts to manage. By leveraging secured and unsecured lending concepts and capabilities, customers can enjoy banking accounts, revolving credit, and essential credit functionalities. This framework optimizes resources for banks, reducing the need for extensive product management, development, and QA teams while ensuring all-encompassing support for customers’ evolving financial needs.