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Visually Plan and Manage Work

Workflow planning becomes a snap when you can arrange tasks and their dependencies. Simple or complex, now you can see the big picture of all your work. Just think of DigiSpoke as a mind map for getting things done.

Predict Progress, Forecast Outcomes

No one likes status meetings, so DigiSpoke predicts the progress of all your projects and tasks. This means you always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips. Task in the red? Project in danger of being delayed? DigiSpoke will warn you. Less status meetings, less progress reports, less work.
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Collaborate As a Team

Manage workflow as a team and see the big picture when collaborating on tasks. Each team member's to-do list is kept up to date, weeks in advance. Now everyone knows how busy they’ll be. Genius.

Agile, meet Waterfall

Some projects are just meant to be repeated, so DigiSpoke lets you save them as templates. Call each repetition a sprint and watch your team improve over time. Agile backlogs can be so… linear. Work is.... not so linear. It’s time you use a product that fits the way work gets done, not the other way around. Call it Waterfall 2.0. Call it Agile 2.0. Call it DigiSpoke.
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