Manage Workflow, Together.
  • Visually Arrange Tasks
  • Predict Progress & Schedules
  • Collaborate as a Team
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Visually Arrange Tasks
Workflow planning becomes a snap when you can draw and erase tasks and their dependencies. Think of DigiSpoke as a mind map for getting things done.
Predict Progress
DigiSpoke works because it predicts task and workflow status. This means you always have the most up-to-date information on your workflows. Task in the red? Project in danger of being delayed? DigiSpoke will warn you.

Each team member's to-do list is kept up to date for months in advance. Now everyone knows how busy they’ll be. Genius.
Collaborate As a Team
Connect with your team to plan and manage workflow together. Discuss tasks and share your ideas securely with automatic encryption and easy to use permissions.
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